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Frequently Asked Questions About Roma Tailors LLC

This section provide answers to most commonly questions our customers ask on a daily basis.
These detail and straight to the point answers will help you as as you decide on trying Roma Tailors LLC
We are regularly updating this FAQ section as new questions comes in.

Are Your Suits Bespoke Or Made-To-Measure?

At Roma Tailors LLC Custom we offer full-bespoke garments. Every client goes through an extensive measurement process. The measurements are then delivered to our local  workshop and within 48 hours a unique paper “pattern” is created. It is this unique pattern made from scratch that allows us to take every measurement taken into account. In addition all garments are hand sewn with a full canvas construction and hand sewn functioning buttonholes.

Why Choose Roma Tailors LLC ?

The fit of our garments sets us apart and is our strongest attribute. Allow four generations of fitting and Tailoring experience to craft you a perfect fitting suit. No matter what style you choose from slim fitted suits to a more relaxed classic look, Roma Tailors LLC can execute your style.

What If I Am Not Happy With The Fit?

Roma Tailors LLC offers a 100% re-cut to any client not fully satisfied. As a matter of fact any garment that do not fit correctly after 3 fittings automatically get re-cut. A true bespoke suit should look the part after just one fitting. The more fittings and alterations the garment goes through the more and more it looks and fits like an off-the-rack suit.

What Is The Turnaround Time?

Your suits will arrive three to four weeks from the time of your initial order (a 12 day rush service is also available). Delivery time depends on how complex a pattern we must create for you. 

Do You Offer Basted Fittings?

Roma Tailors LLC Custom does offer basted fittings.

At Roma Tailors LLC after a client’s measurements have been taken, a unique paper pattern is created. It is from this pattern that the garment is carefully hand cut, assembled and temporarily hand stitched with white basting thread. At this point, the basted garment is ready for fitting.

Trying on the basted garment enables both the tailor and customer to perfect the fit and the style of the bespoke suit. The fact that the suit is simply ‘basted’ makes it possible for us to change the style as much or as little as necessary. For example, the client may elect to narrow or widen the shoulders or lapels, make the garment tighter or looser in the armhole, the sleeves or even the thighs. This guarantees the client complete satisfaction with the final fit and appearance of his custom made suit.

Once My Suit Arrives, How Many Fittings Will I Need?

80% of new clients do not require any additional fittings or alterations upon the initial arrival of their garment. Roma Tailors LLC is so confident in the initial fit of the garment that we offer our “Perfect Fit Guarantee”. If your garment is still not perfect after THREE fittings, we will re-cut, no questions asked.

What If I Gain Or Lose Weight?

Roma Tailors LLC offers alterations for the life of the suit. If you gain or lose a few ponds we will alter the garment at no charge. Roma Tailors LLC is a family business and wherever possible we try and treat our clients as such. Therefore if you were loyal enough to trust us with your initial purchase why would we charge you for follow up adjustments?

I Have A Suit That Fits Me Perfectly. Can You Copy The Fit?

Absolutely. In addition to your own measurements we take several key measurements directly off the garment including shoulder point to point, half waist width, button stance height, shoulder slope, waist and seat and others. We also ask to borrow the garment for one week to send to our factory for further more complicated measurements. Your garment will take a few extra days to deliver but anyone who has a favorite suit is sure to agree that it is worth the wait.

If I Buy My Own Fabric Can You Make The Suit Or Shirt For Me?

Yes. We do this quite often. The process is the same as if you had selected the fabric from our own offering, except the suit or shirt takes approximately one additional week to deliver. This is because the fabric must be “sponged” and cleaned before being cut.

Do You Offer Home Or Office Appointments?

Roma Tailors LLC sees a large number of clients at their offices or homes. We are available to measure you and have you select fabrics in your home or office, by appointment, at your convenience. We realize that your time is valuable so we extend this service at no additional charge. We are available every day except Saturday. The process is exactly the same in every way as what you would experience in our showroom, only at a place more convenient to your needs.

Do Working Buttonholes Or Pick Stitching Cost Extra?

No. All styling designs are included in the price of the garment (except vests and extra sets of trousers). Examples include functioning buttonholes, pick stitching, extra pockets, slanted pockets, double breasted, contrasting jacket linings, crotch linings, suspender buttons and more.

Do I Have To Take Off My Clothes To Get Measured?

Absolutely not. Except for bulky shirts or trousers, no clothing needs to be removed.

I Have Never Bought A Custom Suit Before; Will I Be Able To Visualize It From A Small Swatch?

We have a wide array of fabrics we offer. Additionally, our experienced sales force will guide you through the process explaining the benefits of various proven fabrics, patterns and models. Our expertise might even lead you to choose a fabric you never would have considered before, but that you will be sure to meet with your overwhelming satisfaction.

How Should I Care For My New Garments?

Try not to dry clean your suits too often, only if they are dirty or if they smell. Dry cleaners are a suits worst nightmare. The extreme heat and harsh chemicals that they subject the suit fabric to will eventually cause the fibers to damage and the suit will shine up, pucker and bubble

If your suit gets creased hang it up in the bathroom and turn the hot water in the shower on. Close the door, the steam will take the wrinkles right out. For the trouser do the same but use a clip hanger and clip the bottom of the pants to the hanger to allow the weight of the waistband combined with the steam pull all those creases right out.

If you get something on your garment immediately use water or seltzer to try and get it out. Dab the stain with a cloth (no napkin) multiple times, do not rub the stain further into the garment, this just makes it worse. If the stain still does not come out take it to a dry cleaner but make sure they use only natural agents. No harsh chemicals allowed!

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